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INFAMOUS/HERESY @ club loco, bristol

There's no dress code here on Saturday nights, but that doesn't stop 500 charged-up revellers wearing anything shining and fluorescent that they can get their hands on. Some favour body paint, others an advanced stage of undress. The house here is bangin', bordering on trance, and the crowd quickly works up a sweat in this small venue that's atmospheric but which could do with better air conditioning.

Resident spinner Jon the Dentist keeps the crescendos coming thick and fast until 4am when Infamous turns into Heresy The music sees a change of pace as the house becomes more vocal and uplifting. It is hard to say which gig is better, so hedge your bets, arrive early, and bed in until dawn. At a mere pounds 7, it's excellent value for money.

As you stumble out into the morning sunshine at 10am you really feel like you've accomplished something - apart from rendering your body useless for the rest of the day. A definite winner, but get down there tonight as this gig comes round only once a month.

Tonight, Hepburn Rd, Bristol (0117-942 6208) 10pm-10am, pounds 7


SWERVE @ velvet trek

Mad drum 'n' bass fusion: that's well worth feeling a little groggy for at work on Thursday morning. Fabio and assorted guests (including Grooverider, Balley, Peshay and Kemistry & Storm) have been championing their "liquid funk" sound.

This Wednesday they serve up the excellent Deep Dish, who, by all accounts, are quite taken with London's drum 'n' bass scene. After becoming the darlings of the house circuit, it will be interesting to hear their contribution.

Wed 143 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2 (0171-439 4655) 9pm-2.30am, pounds 5-pounds 7


Still one of the top Saturday night gigs in London - and they've done it all on the unfashionable side of the capital. The venue is not the biggest in the capital, but few clubs are designed as well.

The electronic beats are heavy on the bass, and the dancefloor is always jammed. Jon Carter rinsed the place out last week with a memorable set, but you're sure to hit the dancefloor here whoever's in control. If you can't stand the pace, chill out in the caverns or check out the munchies.

Sat, 63 Clerkenwell St, London EC1 (0171-250 3409) 9pm-3.30am, pounds 5 before 10pm/pounds 8 after