Club of the week: Breeze

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BREEZE @ club city, leicester

"Hands in the air" every Saturday night at Club City caters for a dressed-up crowd that is keen to get its money's worth. A formula of hard house in the main room and a bit of everything else in the back room isn't new, but the complete package is alluring.

It's about time that someone gave God's Kitchen a run for their money, and Breeze has built up an impressive following in the few months that it's been open.

The venue holds over 1,000 people, and is well dressed (decadent purple everywhere) and spacious. The vibe here improves as the night goes on, and by chucking out time the main dance floor is a mass of writhing bodies.

Leicester boasts scores of smaller venues offering innovative musical fusion - the large Asian population laps up bhangra-inspired beats; Breeze is a large club trying to procure a big-club mentality.

Personally, I'm for anything that makes students dress smartly, so another night of glamour in the area is always welcome. Leicester is not the UK's biggest city, and news travels fast here - the fact that Breeze has settled in so quickly is proof enough.

Saturdays, Lee Circle (0116-299 4873) 10pm-3am, pounds 8-pounds 10