Club Of The Week: Indulge @ Mass

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The recent opening of Mass has meant even more clubbing choice in Brixton, an area already blessed with half a dozen of London's most innovative promotions.

Indulge returns tonight, offering a heady cocktail of old skool vibes and deep house classics for urban kids hell-bent on breaking their curfews.

Indulge's rare appearances on this side of the Atlantic are always well attended and the Basement Boys jet in from New York City to join in tonight's fun.

Residents Tim Webster and Brendan Downing support in the main room while upstairs, Jon Tully plys unsuspecting clubbers with disco-inspired rhythms, accompanied by Ben & Andy Boiler House.

With a relaxed fashion policy, Indulge is one of the best promotions that Mass has to offer and, despite space for more than a thousand clubbers, the venue should be rammed.

Brix Theatre, St Matthew Peace Gardens, Brixton Hill, London SW2 (0171- 737 1016) 10pm-6am, pounds 6-pounds 10.