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South has housed some of the more memorable club nights in the region over the past few years. Since the demise of Manchester's club scene in the early 1990s the region has offered a wider choice of smaller gigs with an attractive bar feel.

Rock + Roll Bar seems to go from strength to strength. Every Friday night this place is rammed to the rafters with a strong industry clientele and other Hedonists. Everyone seems to know each other, creating a strong party atmosphere.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that the weekend should be ushered in via the liberal consumption of cigarettes and alcohol so sensitive souls, looking for a designated no-smoking area, will be disappointed.

R+RB certainly deviates from the clubbing norm. From students to seasoned clubbers, everyone seems to be represented here, while the music champions Sixties' guitar, Hammond organ classics, northern soul, funk and ska, courtesy of DJs Phil Beckett and Jeff Thomas. It's like a breath of fresh air.

Fridays, 4a South King Street, Manchester (0161-831 7756) 10pm-2am, pounds 5/pounds 4 NUS.