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As The End became known with championing alternative dance music, more and more people found themselves joining the weekly queues. Its success enabled the owners to expand and AKA was born.

One of the venture's most successful collaborations has been Seven on Sundays which attracts a smart urban gay/mixed crowd. Whether eating in the restaurant, drinking at the bar or cutting a rug on dancefloor this soiree offers a perfect precursor to another night of revelry.

The music is always innovative but rarely full-on, keeping the weekend spirit going with a strong social vibe. Over the past few weeks DJ Trish, Smokin' Jo, Luke Howard and Mr C have all kept the Technics humming so you can be sure you'll be nodding your head even if you're firmly planted in a seat recharging the batteries.

Tomorrow, 18 West Central Street, London WC1A (0171-836 0110) 4.30pm- 10.30pm. Free before 7pm/pounds 3 after/ no admission for diners