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World Dance at Wembley Exhibition Centre, London (0171-613 4768). 7pm-7am, pounds 25 members/pounds 30 others

The End 16a West Central St, London WC1 (0171-419 9199) 9pm-7am, pounds 30

Yo Yo at Villa Stefano, 92 Kingsway, London WC1. 10pm-5am, pounds 18 members/pounds 25 others

MoS 3 Gaunt St, London SE1 (0171-378 6528). 9.30pm-10am, pounds 35

Mount Universe Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London N22. 8pm-8am, sold out

Across Britain, clubbers are gearing up for New Year's Eve, the biggest night of the year. The following are the places you wish you had tickets for last year, but couldn't quite get your act together in time. This year, with this early warning, there's no excuse.

World Dance blends the best of the old rave vibe with state-of-the-art Nineties technology. A crowd of 13,500 is expected at this Wembley extravaganza, but rest assured that "Football's Coming Home" won't be blasting from the sound system. Three arenas will be showcasing drum'n'bass and house, together with trance and old skool beats. Slipmatt and Grooverider headline in the first, Graham Gold and Pete Wardman in the second, and Rat Pack and DJ Face in the third. Dress to sweat, it's gonna be large.

Amid a sea of London clubs, The End has been open for just over a year. During that time it's set new standards for style. Moving away from dark and brooding aesthetics, The End offers soft woods and innovative lighting. It's undoubtedly the best-looking club in the capital. To name a few, Darren Emerson, Hector Romero and Mr C serve up a heady cocktail of deep house and funked-up techno. The vibe is always fresh here, so don't delay.

Those of you who prefer phat beats should beat a path to Yo Yo's NYE jam. For the past five years, it's been serving an irresistible mix of bumping R'n'B, smooth soul and rap joints for B-boys and girls. Trevor Nelson, Ronnie Herel and Steve Wren will be feeding beats to keep the crowd jumping well into 1997. Great value and you can dress how you like as long as you dress up... strictly no jeans, trainers or baseball caps.

What is there to say about the Ministry of Sound that you don't already know. If you like your house bumpin' and your garage uplifting then the MoS is simply the best. A mature and glam crowd will be celebrating New Year in Elephant and Castle... why else would you travel there? On a night when club promoters charge the earth, Ministry's double whammy (pounds 40 for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day) is the best Christmas present around. Four dance floors, a cinema and a Playstation zone contribute to the freshest vibe around. DJs include Todd Terry, Eric Morillo, CJ Mackintosh.

The team that brought you Tribal Gathering has turned its attentions to Alexandra Palace and Mount Universe - NYE Party. Rumour has it that it will be the place to be. Sasha and Digweed play a six-hour set, and Bass Camp, Chemical Brothers and James Lavelle also feature, together with a live performance by Orbital.

All 12,000 tickets sold out last month - tracking down Lord Lucan could prove easier than laying your hands on one. Our offer (p67) is possibly your last chance to secure a ticket by legal means.

The Independent has exclusive ticket offers for each featured club (see p67)