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Cream events are synonymous with the best in house music. The Liverpool- based franchise visit the Ministry of Sound tonight on the third leg of their UK tour and will have punters queuing around the block. Distressing the decks: Graeme Park, Allistair Whitehead and Dave Clarke. 103 Gaunt St, London SE1, Fri 10.30pm-6.30am, pounds 12

Triumph serves up Euro/ house with an Italian flavour every Saturday at The Tunnel for a young and energetic crowd. Mitchell St, Glasgow, Sat 11pm-3.30am, pounds 7/pounds 5

Megatripolis, the long-running cyber-hippy club, celebrates the Equinox with a special guest. Ebullient Welshman, Oxford graduate and international drugs smuggler Howard Marks gives an 11pm lecture (about what no one is sure). Meanwhile Joey Beltram DJs the Cathedral Room and the Binky Bonky Drummers conduct a live jam. Heaven, Villiers St, London WC1 (0181-960 0030) Thur 8.30pm-3am, pounds 7/pounds 5