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"We're very into Planet of the Apes," muses DJ Michael Koppelman. He's talking sartorially, and really he's talking Seventies, because there are no renegade apes at Le Big Mack, the club Michael runs with co-DJ Frazer Cooke. "We'll play anything, it depends how out of it we are... anything from Stevie Wonder to the disco anthem 'Love is the Message'." Frazer, meanwhile, is one of the forces behind Mo'Wax Records, a group of musicians and producers fusing a new style of music from jazz, soul and reggae, known as "trip-hop". Le Big Mack uses the upstairs room at Ronnie Scott's on Sunday nights, the time and the location give it a laid- back, friendly, Soho vibe and at only a fiver, it has to be recommended.

Moving up-tempo, The Loft in Camden Lock on Wednesdays is the best garage club in London. Paul "Trouble" Anderson continues to be the only English DJ to get close to the Americans and singing sensation Michael Watford graces the tiny stage.

Faster still, Speed on Thursdays at Mars is the West End's first regular jungle night. It's packed with every aspiring music biz exec. This is partly because jungle is considered to be right at the musical cutting edge, but also because most of these budding A&R men are too frightened to go to Hackney or Tottenham, the true home of jungle. But DJs Fabio and LTJ Bukem have created something different, and in MC Conrad, they have the most talented mikes-man to appear for many years.

Le Big Mack, Sun, Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's, 47 Frith St, W1 (0171- 439 0747) £5, 8pm-12pm.

The Loft, Wed, The HQ, West Yard, Camden Lock, NW1, (0171 485 6044) £5, 9.30pm-2am.

Speed, Thur, Mars, 12 Sutton Row, W1 (0171-439 4655) £5 10pm-2.30am