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Bored with monotonous house music? Fresh and Funky delivers a mid-week selection of soul, R&B, rare groove and hip hop every Wednesday at the Hanover Grand. They come from far and wide for this one, so it's essential to arrive early... it's very cold outside. Hanover Grand, 6 Hanover St, London W1, Wed 10pm-3am; pounds 12

Club UK Ipswich runs every Saturday night attracting glam kids from miles around. There's something for everyone here. Garage upstairs, industrial techno in the side room, while the main floor throbs to the vibes of deep hard house. Club UK Ipswich, Hollywood, Prince's St, Suffolk, Sat 9pm-3am, pounds 6 before 10.30pm, pounds 7 after

The Hacienda claims the gig of the week after securing Todd Terry for Friday's Planet Shine. The name speaks for itself, so you'll know what to expect: excellent vibes, a responsive crowd and the best house tunes this side of the States. Hacienda, 11 Whitworth St West, Manchester, 11pm-3am; pounds 7-pounds 4 with NUS