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The Aquarium is London's newest club, and although not yet fully built, is already proving popular. The pool isn't finished (it's a sports club by day) and the walls aren't plastered, but that's not stopping anybody. The Saturday's called MoviMento, it's garage all night and well worth a visit. The Aquarium, 256 Old St, London EC1 (0171-251 6136) 10pm-4.30am, pounds 12

The Brighton Jazz Bop used to guarantee a yearly trip to the sea, but not any more, as it moves to Clapham this year. Quality acts like Terry Callier and the Reminiscence Quartet make this a must for all fans of the mellower groove. The Grand, St Johns Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 (0171-738 9000) Fri, pounds 12 (best to book) 7pm-2am

Up Yer Ronson started out with a little club in Sheffield; now they have a double album out, and a UK tour at a venue near you. Whatever next? World domination. If up-tempo music's your bag, catch a show. Sun, with Jeremy Healy at The Sanctuary, Caesars, Kicaldy, Scotland (01592 201839); Wed, with Allister Whitehead, Hallam University, Sheffield (0114 253 4111)