Clubs: After Dark

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Anyone who managed to get into last week's Lick at the Emporium in London should be congratulated.

This monthly event is rapidly turning into the hottest R'n'B jam in the country.

The scene outside, as hundreds of people tried and failed to get in, was pure mayhem.

I couldn't get within 20ft of the door but there are plenty of chances to see Trevor Nelson as he takes the R'n'B gospel to parts of the UK other DJs cannot reach.

His Rhythm Nation Club Tour is well into its stride as it travels the length and breadth of the UK.

"I've travelled around the country and I get a real buzz from gigging somewhere that doesn't have a reputation for R'n'B," says Nelson.

Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Glasgow, Southsea and Swindon are just some of the stops on the tour (for complete itinerary information telephone 0171- 765 2627).

Many of the best club nights in the capital showcase R'n'B and the change of vibe is rapidly becoming popular in other parts of the country.

"The kids on the street seem to be into it," says Nelson.

"A lot people like the style and social scene of RnB and it offers a completely different style to house music.

"I did a gig in Dublin the other day; I could have been in a different country but they were really up for it. I love gigging at these kind of places - it's like uncharted territory."