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The Sound Republic is a new venue situated in the heart of London W1. Its development and projected audience have been shrouded in secrecy and rumour since plans were first announced. Now, it's finally open.

Recent concerts have demonstrated the club's capacity to host live music, but promotions will provide its major interface with the public. One of the first gigs scheduled is Life (0171-610 6822), next Saturday. Offering uplifting house and garage, Life is the brain child of Mark Herman, Terry Hart and Leanne Burger.

"We've gone for Sound Republic because it's very compact, funky, industrial and cute," says Herman. "The Soho area is a bonus; we're hoping that this will add something to the night."

All three promoters are well known, and have pooled their experience to give London's club scene a much-needed hedonistic shot in the arm.

"We chose the word `life' because we each come from three different regions of the club industry - it's about the birth of our relationship. We're looking for trendy, colourful people - no attitude, just people who want to get down and party. Hopefully this will become a regular monthly gig. Clubbing needs to be taken that one step further, and, as far as I'm concerned, the key is production. The days of big-name DJs bringing in the crowds are gone, so the people want new clubbing concepts."