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So many birthday gigs - so little energy left! If you want to enjoy one of the best clubbing months in memory (and want to remember it afterwards), then you have to choose selectively - after all, you can only sing happy birthday so many times with feeling.

Twice As Nice have reached the ripe old age of two, championing underground garage and a relaxed Sunday club vibe. This is one gig you shouldn't miss if you're a fan of the genre. As you'd expect there will be a host of top DJs but there will also be plenty of surprises on offer under the direction of MTV's Richard Blackwood.

Peach are positively ancient, reaching the age of five later this month, and have secured an excellent line-up which includes Jon Pleased Wimmin', Brandon Block, DJ Milan and the usual residents.

Unpretentious clubbing at its best at a great- looking venue - which is more than can be said for the Cafe du Paris. Last week's appearance by The artist formerly known as Prince saw far too many bouncers flexing their muscles to excess.

For excellent clubbing The End is always a safe bet and its first foray into the over-populated compilation market is more of the same. Due out on 9 Nov, The End 1 offers 2 CDs of excellent cuts with Matthew B, Mr C, The Usual Suspects and all your End favourites doing the business.