Clubs; FREEDOM @ bagley's studios

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After NYE's unexpected licensing problem (when the club was forced to close at 3am), there have been all manner of rumours concerning the demise of London's biggest house and garage night.

While Camden council continues to make life a little too exciting for Bagley's promoters/owners - the venues' license is still effective pending an appeal - the good news is that the show will continue.

This is the first Freedom of the year and anyone hoping to join the party should put on their finest garbs and arrive as early as possible. The queues get awfully long around the witching hour.

Once inside this gig's a sure-fire winner; uplifting tunes and a addictive party atmosphere. Tonight Ariel performs another energy-sapping eight- hour set.

As ever, Bagley's provide stimulation for all musical tastes. Drew, KATT and the spectacular Lisa Pin-Up take control of the Technics in the ballroom with Norris Da Boss and Operator keeping the beats.

Tonight, Kings Cross Freight Depot, York Way, London N1 (0171-278 2171) 11pm-7am pounds 8-pounds 12


THE PUSSYCAT CLUB @ the zap club

To non-residents, Brighton represents a dash to the coast for some fun - and The Pussycat Club provides uplifting house and more excitement in one night than a week on Brighton's pier.

Filled with scores of people determined to have a great weekend, Brighton's best club offers the perfect excuse to get back into the clubbing groove.

This event is packed out with clubbers dressed up in their best clobber. Visualise your perfect house party and it would probably resemble this gig.

Fri, Kings Road Arches (01273 821147) 10.30pm-4am, pounds 5-pounds 7.50


Still one of the top Saturday-night gigs in London - and they've done it all on the unfashionable side of the capital. The venue is not the biggest or best-dressed in the capital, but few clubs are designed as well. The electronic beats are heavy on the bass and the dancefloor is always rammed with energetic clubbers who party like seasoned hedonists.

If you can't stand the pace, chill out in the caverns or check out the excellent munchies available next door.

Tonight, 63 Clerkenwell St, London EC1 (0171-250 3409) 9pm-3.30am, pounds 5 before 10pm/pounds 8 after