Scott Capurro is at the Freedom Cafe, Wardour Street, London, W1 (0171-734 0071) 15-18 October
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We've always lapped up camp. But recently, British audiences have come to accept - relish, even - more in-your-face gayness on stage.

Well, they don't come much more in-your-face than Scott Capurro, the San Francisco comedian for whom the adjective "waspish" could have been invented. "I'm self-referential," Capurro tells me down the line from the States, "and I'm obsessed with detail.

I'm relentless. I don't let things go."

His unambiguous on-stage discussion of his sexuality has perhaps inevitably brought bigots out of the woodwork.

"I was doing a gig in Sacramento last week and a woman yelled out, 'Change the subject.' She didn't wanna hear anymore about my being queer, so I destroyed her. "

He has found, however, that British audiences are far less prejudiced. "You guys have a tradition of flamboyant comedians."

The thing that really worries Brits, he contends, is the fact that he's American. "Everyone hates Americans, we're annoying."

So prepare to be annoyed - and amused.


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