Comedy: Boothby Graffoe

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Comedy James Rampton

Any comedian who names himself after a small village in Lincolnshire is bound to be a little bit different, and Boothby Graffoe (below) is certainly that. At six foot four and with a booming voice, he wins people over through sheer force of personality. Don't ask him to sum up his stand- up style, though. "I dunno," he reflects. "Maybe I should stick to `abstract surrealism with a streak of japery', as one critic put it."

Bound and Gagged Palmers Green, The Fox, London N13 (0171-483 3456) 9.15pm

Phill Jupitus, star of TV's Never Mind the Buzzcocks, has a similarly charismatic air when he performs live; indeed, he may be the funniest West Ham fan alive. He has been known to devote his entire show to the film Star Wars. If you go and see Jupitus, may the comic force be with you.

Banana Caberet, The Bedford, London SW12 (0181-673 8904) 9pm