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In a previous show, the American ventriloquist David Strassman looked on (almost) powerlessly as Chuck Wood, his demonic dummy, spat at, vomited on and generally abused his audience. Chuck then sacked his human associate with a peremptory: "You're finished, asshole." As Strassman sloped off stage, Chuck performed a memorable coup de theatre, suddenly springing into life (thanks to some top-flight Nasa technology) and relishing his new-found freedom: "Feels great with no hand up my bum." It is this sense of mischief that distinguishes Strassman and his bilious buddy from the end-of-the-pier naffness usually associated with ventriloquism. Whisper it, but he's managed to make ventriloquism hip. One word of warning: avoid the front row.

Corn Exchange, Cambridge (01223 357851) Fri

James Rampton