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Jimeoin Tue

Ealing Comedy Festival, London W5

Two dread words hang over Aussie comedy: "Paul" and "Hogan". But Jimeoin, an Irish-born stand-up who is huge in Australia, couldn't be further removed from the Ocker lad. On a comedy circuit populated with more surrealists than 1920s Paris, Jimeoin is very much a throwback to the "Have you ever noticed?" school of observational humour. "Did you ever look at a bright light, then rub your eyes and it's like the start of Dr Who?" he asks. Appealingly, he is also drawn to the manifestly irrelevant. One show kicked off with Jimeoin admitting: "I don't have a start, other than: you always buy far too many mushrooms."

Festival Marquee, Walpole Park, London W5 (0181-579 5436) Tue, 8.30pm