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Jim Sweeney & Steve Steen Fri & 7 Aug

Wimbledon Studio Theatre, London SW19

Twenty-five years ago, Jim Sweeney and Steve Steen were just two more aspiring comedians hitting the Edinburgh Fringe with a lot of hope and bad Kevin Keegan-style perms.

Appearing as The Wee Wees, they performed a show about two lads hitchhiking from Clapham to Cornwall, which was dismissed by The Scotsman as "puerile". A quarter of a century on, they are two pillars of the comedy establishment, highly regarded for their improv work with the Comedy Store Players. They are now moving away from improv and performing a script. Danny's Wake, by Sweeney, centres on two mates meeting at the funeral of an old school friend.

Wimbledon Studio Theatre, London SW19 (0181-540 0362) Fri and 7 Aug, 7.30pm, pounds 8/pounds 5

James Rampton