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League Against Tedium 2, 9, 16 Dec

The League Against Tedium has been described thus: "If Nietzsche had ever turned his hand to stand-up, the result would not have been dissimilar." The comic creation of Simon Munnery, the man who is also behind Alan Parker, urban warrior, the self-styled "most left-wing person in the country". The League struts about stage in a variety of ridiculous outfits - one is a military jacket complete with mini-tanks attached to the epaulettes. He proceeds to pour scorn on his "sub-worm" audience - "Attention, scum. You are nothing. Absolutely nothing. Behold superiority!" - and get up to all sorts of technological jiggery-pokery with a large screen controlled by his "glove of power". Bizarre, and quite unlike any other comic act on the circuit.

The ICA, The Mall, London SW1 (0171-930 3647)


Lee Mack

Not many comedians can claim to be an ex-stable lad for Red Rum, but that is not all that makes Lee Mack distinctive. He has also been described as "Les Dawson on acid". The host of Channel 4's Gas ranges entertainingly over such diverse subjects as pies and his mad grandmother. He appears with Ross Noble, Bennett Arron, Andrew Maxwell and Catherine Tate.

The Monday Club, Madame Jo Jo's, London W1 (0171-371 6863) Mon

Mike Wilmot

If I tell you that the most printable joke from Mike Wilmot's act is "my girlfriend and I were making love the other night, we were about half way through, around the 12-second mark", then you'll get the idea about him. Imagine Roy "Chubby" Brown with a Canadian accent and multiply it by five, and you're some way to appreciating the scale of Wilmot's rudeness.

Jongleurs, Battersea, London SW1 (0171-564 2500) Fri