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Julian Barratt tonight

The Glee Club, Birmingham (0121-693 2248) tonight Like his near-namesake, Sid (from Pink Floyd), Julian Barratt specialises in the weird and wonderful. The Mighty Boosh, the comedy play about two zookeepers having wacky experiences in an enchanted forest which he and Noel Fielding put on at the Edinburgh Festival, is as surrealistic as anything dreamt up by the Dadaists. As a solo stand-up, this former musician opens his act with some high-class, if bizarre, rapping - "I'm comin' at yer like a walrus on crack" - sometimes accompanied by the sound of the zip on his anorak. Barratt is also capable of strangely resonant one-liners: "I have a confession to make. I've been seeing other audiences." Later, he recalls going to see an acupuncturist: "when I got home, I found that my little wax doll was dead." As arresting as a melting clock.