Comedy: Gig Of The Week - Simon Day

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He may have had a funny part in Shakespeare in Love, but Simon Day is still best known for his wonderful gallery of characters in BBC2's highly influential sketch-show, The Fast Show. Figures such as Competitive Dad and Dave Angel, Eco-Warrior have quickly attained the accolade of having their catchphrases parrotted in pubs and playgrounds up and down the land. Day pinpoints the reasons for the popularity of The Fast Show: "People were just waiting for something new to happen. The Fast Show was such a good idea. People have always loved sketch-shows, but often the sketches go on too long. The idea of getting in, doing the catchphrase and then getting out again is brilliant. If you don't like a sketch, there'll be another one along in a minute." Day is currently warming up for his national tour.

Hen and Chickens, London N1 (0171-704 2001) tomorrow