Comedy: Gig of the Week - Steve Coogan from tomorrow

Without falling into the cod-psychoanalysis he so abhors, Steve Coogan has a rare ability to "become" other people. He will be demonstrating that once again in The Man Who Thinks He's It, his new show which opens at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End tomorrow. In this, he will be seamlessly taking on the roles of, among others, the yobby Mancunian brother and sister, Paul and Pauline Calf, and the Lothario Latino crooner, Tony Ferrino.

But many will be coming to see his most scarily convincing creation, Alan Partridge, the inept, "resting" chat show host who took on such a tragic hue during his last award-winning series on BBC2. We can't get enough of the man so desperate to get back on television that he pitched to an excruciated commissioning editor such gruesome programme ideas as monkey tennis, youth hostelling with Chris Eubank, and Knowing ME, Knowing You.

Lyceum Theatre, London WC2 (0171-656 1802) from tomorrow