COMEDY: PICK OF THE WEEK: Tony Robinson on tour Various venues

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Tony Robinson, who has been described as "the love child of Simon Schama, Alastair Campbell and Eddie Izzard", has a cunning plan. He aims to tour the UK in a show looking back on his 40 years in showbiz. The actor best known as Baldrick says the show will answer the question: "How did a man who made his name as a stinking, turnip-loving simpleton crawling through the trenches with Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder hit the big time by grubbing around in the mud, alongside men with dubious fashion sense in Time Team, before achieving superstar status by rolling up his trousers to wade through urine in The Worst Jobs in History?"

In Tony Robinson's Cunning Night Out, the comedian will reflect on highlights such as playing a motorcycle courier pushed into the sewage-strewn London docks by John Wayne in Brannigan, and his lauded special guest-star appearance as Freddie the Happy Spoon in Stoke-on-Trent.

Ashcroft, Croydon (020-8688 9291) tonight, 7.45pm; Princes Hall, Aldershot (01252 329155) Tue; Playhouse, Norwich (01603 598598) Wed; Wyvern, Swindon (01793 524481) Thur; Alexandra, Birmingham (0870 607 7535) Fri; all 7.30pm, tickets from pounds 12-pounds 15