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Peter Kay & Ed Byrne

Peter Kay may not have the most original material in the world - taxi drivers, bad DJs, Bullseye, Crimewatch - but he pulls it off with sheer verve. He forms a strong double-bill at the Perrier Pick of the Fringe show with fellow nominee, Ed Byrne (above). A mesmerising yarn- spinner, he recounts the occasion he was dragged along by his girlfriend to endure a night at the opera.

Her Majesty's, London SW1 (0171-494 5558) 7.30pm tomorrow

Lee Hurst

Audiences warm to Lee Hurst as though he were the funny geezer from down the pub. He gets whoops of recognition with such lines as: "Every bloke here will agree that buying a kebab on a Saturday night is the final admission that you're not going to pull. Even the kebab-shop owner joins in: `Would you like chilli sauce on your no-sex evening?'" His national tour, "Un-Ironed", begins on Thursday.

Wyvern Theatre, Swindon (01793 524481) Thur