Comedy: The best of the rest

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John Hegley

A recent poll ranked just below Spike Milligan as the nation's favourite comic poet. He is evangelical about his art. "I buy obscure poetry magazines - I must admit to it - and one of them gave a definition of poetry as a Trojan Horse," he says. "It has a darker, latent power within it that works when you're not expecting it. I want to write that." He often does.

Almeida Theatre, London N1 (0171-359 4404) Mon to 9 Jan

Adam Bloom

Adam Bloom, recent winner of the Time Out Comedian of the Year Award and the Polygram People's Choice Award, is a likable cheeky chappie. But you should be warned: his innocent looks can be deceptive, as he is not averse to the odd line blue enough for you not to want to take your granny along. He heads a strong bill, featuring James Holmes and Robin Ince, hosted by Danny Brown.

The Improv, London W1 (0171-387 2414) Fri