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John Lenehan

, the radical magician, famously became the first person in 85 years to be drummed out of the Magic Circle after revealing the secrets behind several tricks on BBC1's How Do They Do That?. By way of revenge, he is charging Magic Circle members pounds 10 to see his enjoyable Monday Night Magic show (the usual price is pounds 6).

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, London N6 (0181-340 3488) this and every Monday until 12 July

Rainer Hersch

On stage and on Radio 4, Rainer Hersch had success with his All Classical Music Explained. Now he's back with his new show, Rainer Hersch Conducts the Festival Festival Orchestra. It is an original act - part- musical, part stand-up comedy - which has been compared to Victor Borge. He uses six musicians to help him deconstruct the meaning of symphonies and concertos.

Canal Cafe Theatre, London W2 (0171-289 6054) Fri and Sat 15 May