Comedy: Will Adamsdale

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The previously unknown Will Adamsdale came from nowhere to win the Perrier Award at last year's Edinburgh Festival. But the victory was well-deserved. His show, Jackson's Way, is a meticulously observed spoof of the sort of cringe-making motivational speaker beloved of multinational companies. Chris John Jackson, "international life coach", revels in corporate jargon, asserting that his "sensational approach to love, life and finance is a simple, workable method of making the equation `love/money + property x mood = gravy train' work on your terms and at your pace." The critics in Edinburgh raved about the act, one calling it "a satire on 21st-century credulity, the Fringe's most exciting new comedy act". This show should be compulsory viewing for any middle managers thinking of booking a life coach to help boost staff morale.

Phoenix Arts, Leicester (0116-255 4854) tonight, 8pm, pounds 9/pounds 7 concs