Comedy gig of the week: Magnus Betner, Soho Theatre, London W1


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"My accent is Swedish, of course, so bear with me," says Magnus Betner. "If it tends to be more American than British, don't be offended by that. Just start making better movies..."

Alright, Magnus – although judging by the death threats that have been piling up at this provocative social commentator's door from the far right and the Swedish hip-hop fraternity, Betner's accent may be the least of his worries.

Perhaps he should have that phrase "don't be offended by that" slapped on a T-shirt. But he doesn't seem unduly worried; in fact, as with all the best of his ilk (see the ace Doug Stanhope – and don't scoff at the Bill Hicks comparisons), if you're really offended, then you probably aren't listening properly.

This is honest, taboo-busting, liberal-minded invective, delivered with a leavening, easy charm. With an Edinburgh run coming up, how long before this pastor's son (with a very fine line in God-baiting, naturally) makes a real cult of himself over here?

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