Comedy of the Week: Frankie Boyle, King Georges Hall, Blackburn


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Frankie Boyle last intended to quit stand-up and take his carcinogenic comedy with him in 2010, just before the exquisitely titled I Would Happily Punch Every One of You in the Face; this time around, though, perhaps he means it.

The fury that met Boyle's routine on his 2010 Channel 4 series Tramadol Nights, in which he took excruciating aim at Katie Price and her disabled son, was matched only by the Glaswegian's unabated conviction that in comedy, anything should go – a joke, after all, as the old chestnut goes, is just a joke.

So what's our problem? The advice of the brilliant Aussie comic Steve Hughes to the easily affronted – "So be offended. Nothing's going to happen" – is typically concise; but the feeling remains that we still expect our comedians to recognise the murky boundaries of good taste – even those as splendidly acerbic as Boyle.

Not that he seems overly concerned as he heads out with The Last Days of Sodom (Sod 'em?) – your last chance (possibly) to catch this champion hellraiser live.

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