Cultural Life: Bo Burnham, comedian

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Comedy: I tend to laugh the most at silly, nihilistic comedy: Hans Teeuwen, Steve Martin, Zach Galifianakis and Sam Simmons. I'm fascinated by great comic philosophers like Bill Hicks or George Carlin, and then, of course, musical acts like Tim Minchin or Bill Bailey. I don't like things that are lazy, easy or cheap. But if a comic is having fun and putting thought into it, I'll probably love it.

Music: I'm a big fan of musicals, like the old Rodgers and Hammerstein stuff. As a suburban white child, I grew up listening to hip-hop - Deltron, Outkast and Eminem. Eminem's an incredible lyricist, such dexterity with language. People like Thom Yorke and James Taylor are brilliant lyricists in a more cogent manner. I don't like the Black Eyed Peas. Film My favourites are Woody Allen – 'Annie Hall' is so funny and inventive – and Stanley Kubrick – incredible attention to detail and every one of his movies looks so beautiful. I'll see any horrible 3D animated kids' movie. Pixar is as a gift from god. I hate the term 'movie buff'. They say that a lot in America if someone likes movies. Yuck.

Theatre: Shakespeare's crazy. What was his deal, right? But seriously, I love Shakespeare. I also really enjoy classic Greek stuff like 'The Bacchae' or 'Oedipus Rex'. I was supposed to go to college for theatre before I dropped out to do comedy. I was going to be doing experimental theatre – learning Jerzy Grotowski's physical approach. I've had fantasies of putting more weird theatre stuff in my act.

Visual Arts: I like Salvador Dali. So imaginative and fearless. I also like most graffiti. Ah hell, what do I know about art?

Bo Burnham plays The Carriageworks, Leeds tonight and Shepherd's Bush Empire, London on Saturday (;