Cultural Life: Frank Skinner, comedian

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Comedy: I liked Roisin Conaty at the Soho Theatre. She won Best Comedy Newcomer at Edinburgh. She was her own support act, so supporting a character she played who was nothing like her real self.

Film: The last film I saw was a 1924 Soviet science fiction film 'Aelita: Queen of Mars' accompanied by a live band at the Prince Charles Cinema. I liked 'True Grit' a lot but I missed John Wayne. I was pleased Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress for 'The Fighter' at the Oscars. I hope that her outfits are maintained in some cinema museum.

Television: I'm enjoying Channel Four's '10 O'Clock Live'. I like the idea of putting together a dream team and seeing what happens. I also like 'Not Going Out', the sitcom starring Lee Mack. It's a sitcom packed with jokes. Not many of them as frowned upon as lacking kudos.

Books: 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson is a cyberpunk classic. 'Yellow Blue Tibia' by Adam Roberts is about Stalin who calls together a group of science fiction writers to invent an alien invasion scenario to help the Soviet state, who need an enemy to rally against. Before this science fiction spate, I read Graham Greene's 'The Power and the Glory'. There were passages in it that were still burning in me the next day.

Music: There are two songs I like at the moment, "Godless Girl" by The Crookes and "Oompah" by The Helmholtz Resonators.

Visual Arts: I went to Tate Britain where I stumbled across 'Single Form: The Body in Sculpture from Rodin to Hepworth' – including 'St Sebastian' by Eric Gill – based on the single human figure. It's not called an exhibition but a display.

'Frank Skinner's Opinionated' returns to BBC Two tonight, 10pm and he hosts 'The Frank Skinner Show' on Absolute Radio from 8am every Saturday.