Cultural Life: Sandra Bernhard, comedian

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Films: I saw 'Never Let Me Go' and found it very impressive. In such a believable way, it incorporates science fiction with the strangeness of the times we actually live in. It was deep, haunting and beautifully shot. My other favourite is 'The King's Speech'. Top drawer!

Books: I have just read Keith Richards's biography, 'Life'. It really captures the era of The Stones in the original voice that only he has. I love the way he is never afraid to tell it like it is. I also loved Patti Smith's 'Just Kids', which also captures a time and place that we will never see again: New York in the Seventies. It tells a beautiful story of love between friends and a life dedicated to art.

Music: I have a list a mile long of music I am always listening to: Stevie Nicks, Dusty Springfield, Elton John, I could go on... But recently I have been enjoying Chrissie Hynde's album with J P Jones, 'Fidelity'. The whole album tells a story. I have also been loving The Scissor Sisters' album 'Night Work'. My favourite track is a track I have performed with them before: "Tits on the Radio".

Theatre: I recently saw George Bernard Shaw's 'Mrs Warren's Profession' on Broadway. I absolutely love Cherry Jones, who was in the title role and I have just become familiar with Sally Hawkins, who played 'Vivie'. They were both fantastic, it was a great show.

Television: I watch a little TV, but I always watch the American comedy series 'Modern Family'. The writers draw on their own experiences, so it portrays kids and families in a way that seems really genuine.

Sandra Bernhard's 'Whatever It Takes', which combines musical performances with comedy, is at the Leicester Square Theatre, London WC2 (0844 847 2475) 11, 12 & 13 February