'Every sperm is sacred': Terry Jones' favourite Monty Python sketches

40 years of Monty Python

The Galaxy Song

Idle cheerily contemplates Man’s place in the universe, leading to the classic summation: “And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space/Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.”

Fish-Slapping Dance

A short ‘un but a ‘brilliant un, featuring Palin, Cleese, two tiny pilchards and one giant halibut.

Mr Creosote

Ranking among cinema’s most grotesque moments is this Meaning of Life sketch starring Jones as a gargantuan gourmand who meets an explosive end.

Every Sperm is Sacred

Another Meaning of Life highlight in which Catholic attitudes to “sinful” masturbation are satirised via a brilliantly choreographed, Oliver!-esque singalong.

Tchaikovsky's first Piano Concerto No 1

Sviatoslav Richter playing Tchaikovsky's first Piano Concerto while escaping from six padlocks chains and a sack. Never has the Russian composer come in for such expressive interpretation…

Words by Hugh Montgomery