Must See: Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, Bloomsbury Theatre, London WC1

Robin Ince's unstoppable seasonal mirth machine returns

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Glad tidings, great joy and all the rest of it at the Bloomsbury – but it's probably fair to say that you can forget all that stuff about donkeys and virgin births, as Robin Ince and a crack troupe of comedians, scientists, thinkers and musicians come to spread the Good News about a rationalist Christmas.

Not that there's a whole lot of God-bashing afoot (unlike some of the rather smug goings-on on the circuit of late, so Amen to that); instead, like a be-jumpered family fighting over the remote control, a packed bill jostle to espouse new ideas and have a blinking good laugh.

Among the comics lining up – most for more than one of the nights – are Josie Long, sparring partners Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, Isy Suttie, pop-cabaret sorts Frisky and Mannish, Tony Law and Chris Addison.

And for those of an early-Nineties indie vintage, there's the added bonus of Nine Carols stalwart Jim Bob from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. Rejoice!

(020 7388 8822; to 23 Dec