Observations: Pajamas are funny. Fact

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Former Perrier Award newcomer nominees and lauded at last year's Edinburgh Festival as "Pina Bausch meets The Mighty Boosh", the American comedy-theatre duo The Pajama Men arrive in London this week. Unlike the Boosh, though, the Pajamas don't play to the gallery and unlike Pina Bausch they haven't used a fake walrus on stage. Yet.

Rather, what they do is to magically tie up a series of apparently irreconcilable characters – Roman centurions, antsy shop assistants, and a cheery pair of newscasters – pushing them along with deft clowning and dexterous, vaudevillian, wordplay. "People Against Picket Signs," says one of their newsreaders, "can't seem to figure out how to protest picket signs." Add to the fray a bat who plays chess and a ballad-singing lothario and you have a bewildering character cornucopia that, against all narrative odds, the pair somehow negotiate the audience through.

The Pajama Men – Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez, joined by the musician Luminous Craft – are likely to provide a distinctive detoxifier to jaded comic palates in the capital.

To 28 March in rep, Soho Theatre, London W1 (020-7478 0100)