Bill Cosby calls for fans to remain 'calm' ahead of protests against Canadian shows

The comedian is due to perform three dates in Canada this week

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Bill Cosby has told fans to remain calm in the event of protests outside his forthcoming comedy gigs in Ontario.

The comedian is due to perform in Kitchener on 7 Jan, London on 8 Jan and Hamilton on 9 Jan, despite protests in each city asking for the concerts to be cancelled.

“If a disruption occurs, please remain calm until the matter is resolved and do not confront the person making the disruption,” a representative for the comedian told CTV news.

The 77-year-old has faces an increasing public backlash following numerous allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted women dating back to the Seventies.

Cosby has never been charged in connection with the allegations, all of which he denies. His lawyer has described them as “decades old” and “discredited”.


A number of the comedian’s US tour dates were cancelled, but his three gigs in Canada are scheduled to go ahead due to contractual obligations.

It would reportedly cost at least six figures to cancel the show in Kitchener, according to CTV.

Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has condemned the performance and said she would not attend any of Cosby’s Ontario dates.

“There are very serious allegations against this man and certainly until those are sorted out, I would certainly not go to a performance,” she told CTV.

“It’s up to the organisers to make those decisions, but I certainly wouldn’t attend.”

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