David O'Doherty: Let's Comedy, The Stand, Edinburgh

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This is the best offering yet from "DO'D", the mock hip-hop tag by which the Irish lo-fi hero likes to be known. The mix of discordant, minor-key comedy songs and banter passes the Goldilocks standard by being just right – not too much hot air and very few damp squibs.

Attired like your worst 1970s nightmare in a tweed jacket, country and western-style shirt and a blue-striped tie, O'Doherty remarks how he has the same hair as former Monkee Peter Tork.

The remnant of a bygone era, O'Doherty nostalgically imagines that, back in his parents' day, coupling up must have been so much easier: "You like soup too? This is going to be great!" Now, he contends that a relationship can be made or broken on mobile phone compatibility alone. Cue for a song about the hazards of a text relationship.

Not only will you find out what constitutes O'Doherty's perfect woman in this show but you'll also be informed what is the best way to kill a person in any boardgame situation from Scrabble to Cluedo, the latter inevitably offering the widest and most agonising of choices.

While the "DO'D" is occasionally overindulgent, this is an extremely accessible set, going off in all sorts of directions, but with only a few blind alleys.

To 24 August (0131-558 7272)