Edinburgh 2013: Brett Goldstein: Contains Scenes of an Adult Nature


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Based on his last two solo shows, you might say that the comedy actor Brett Goldstein (known for his part in Ricky Gervais' sitcom 'Derek') is preoccupied with sex. But when he has spent his formative years running his father's strip club in Marbella (the subject of his debut show) and then escaped that by going to a drama school where the company is particularly lascivious, you can hardly blame him.

Despite these experiences Goldstein portrays himself as something of a wallflower who is perturbed by the prevalence of sexual imagery. Jarred out of using porn when he learns of the demise of an amateur star he is familiar with, he starts to realise that the money shot doesn't always pay off in a healthy, loving relationship.

Goldstein's experiences at drama school in New York among the aformentioned lusty contemporaries provides the central focus of this cautionary tale. A coy-but-artful monologist, Goldstein builds to a tableau of unintentional amateur porn, symbolising that our collective 'sexpectations', shall we say, are heightened and out of proportion - arguably not unlike he tale itself.

For a persona that doesn't fit into club comedy cliche, a point he is at pains to highlight, Goldstein nonetheless occasionally relies on some stock-in-trade observations (for example a literal taken on 'adult movie') to colour his set, and his climactic reasonings on porn re-education wane without reasoning. Nevertheless, this is another engaging hour from an enjoyable talent.

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