Edinburgh Festival 2013: Seann Walsh: The Lie-In King


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Towards the end of his show the curly-haired Seann Walsh mimics Michael McIntyre and Kevin Bridges, two of his stablemates at his management company.

The nod to McIntyre is particularly resonant as Walsh often resembles a 'slacker' version of his more famous colleague. The unruly Walsh has already been put on a course for wider fame via a new Comedy Central series and his poster pull-quote urges us to see him before he goes all arena on us.

Walsh's persona, however, is not ready for a roomier existence. We join him fretting that living on his own hasn't had the desired effect of making him more proactive, a word he can only utter with due mockery: "Pro-active people, you know the ones, they have their iPhone fixed onto their arm."

Never mind the 'pro', just being 'active' is a stretch for Walsh who wishes that the Dominos pizza delivery man would just break in rather than make him answer the door and who would only adopt a yoga pose if it was to help him grab a forgotten item of a shopping after he's already walked past it.

The 26-year-old, paradoxically, bounces through this 'slackerscape' in a way that is accessible to the various generations in his audience. Physical vignettes colour the piece along with some sketch-assisted call-backs at the end, an indulgence earned and all the better for that.