Jessica Ransom: Ransom's Million, Pleasance Courtyard

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The test of an afternoon Edinburgh show is whether it could play an evening slot. Afternoon hours always have an air of audience hesitancy about them, but are likely to be given the benefit of the doubt; evening shows are more exposed to the lust for a punchline. Jess Ransom's multi-character adventure would narrowly fail this litmus test, but not without amassing some brownie points along the way.

The 28-year-old has woven a shadier version of Brewster's Millions; she must make a million pounds disappear for her boss, no questions asked. Cue numerous characters portrayed by Ransom live or via video footage, all with their own reasons for deserving this ill-gotten gain.

Ransom's bounty hunter and self-help guru lack a killer line. More piquant are Eugenie, an artist who speaks of oil paintings done on pieces of toast, and a nursery-school teacher who thinks her children are praying when they are in fact singing along to an R&B tune.

To 30 August (0131 556 6550)