Joe Lycett: Some Lycett Hot, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh


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Though this 24-year-old comedian fails to convince that he has brought a complete hour with him to Edinburgh, he does enough with this debut show to flaunt his potential star quality.

In the opening 20 to 25 minutes Lycett puts us at ease enough to forgive him for some haphazard and rather contrived routines later, including, one about a (genuine) letter of complaint about a parking ticket that is rather naked in its ambition to push buttons of both the audience and the council department it was sent to.

His best material is that which toys with our concept of gender roles and sexuality.  “I’m bisexual which means you are all at risk”, he announces before quizzing some male members of the audience on whether they consider themselves as men’s men and whether they have ever considered homosexuality.

There are shades of Julian Clary in this approach, but Lycett is more casual than arch, and is less obviously going for the easy laugh. He probes to find out the audience’s individual quirks and whether they match up to his own, from defending himself with a pizza in a mugging to using the name of Estate Agents, Cluttons to mean anything he so desires including a euphemism for bodily parts.

With a demeanour that is built for showbiz, Lycett sits well among the whimsical acts on this year’s comedy awards shortlist, and of all the newcomer nominees, this young man has the most mainstream potential.

Til 26 August, 0131 556 6550