Miles Jupp: Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale), Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

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Miles Jupp, star of Rev, The Thick of It and Balamory, must be in line for some kind of Fringe versatility award. Having performed stand-up, character comedy and sketch in Edinburgh, he now brings us a story of how he blagged his way into covering a tour of India by the England cricket team.

It's a tale of slavish fandom, the highs and lows of which are illustrated with dexterity. At one end of the scale, Jupp is giddy from the excitement of carrying the equipment of the BBC cricket legend Peter Baxter, akin, he says, to "driving the A-Team van". And he's flushed with the amazing feeling that comes from making David Gower giggle. He's stumped, though, when it comes to the lonely feeling of being on the fringe of the press pack, who don't seem to share his "fanthusiasm".

It's not only cricket fans and journalists who'll appreciate this yarn – it's a tale for lovers in the wider sense, and of the boundaries they'll cross.

To 29 August (0131 622 6552)