Miles Jupp Is The Chap You're Thinking Of, comedy review

Ambassadors Theatre, London

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“You may remember me as the waiter who has all their lines cut in the first Sherlock Holmes film?” Judging by his career trajectory since, self-deprecating poshboy comic Miles Jupp protests too much with his introduction tonight.

Opting for a jeans, jacket and beard combo that has a certain late 1950s artist look about it, the 34-going-on-54-year-old young fogey weaves through his personal and professional life, making, for the most part, deliciously easy segues from musing to musing.

“Claudia Schiffer? Is she still a thing? I haven't felt the need to update my sexual desires since 1996.” So begins a treatise on his children that makes the mockery of the idea that a comedian's offspring is a material no-no.

A master of metaphor, a seigneur of similes (for Jupp leaving the old school MySpace site would be like “Julian Assange popping out of the Ecuadorian Embassy to the local shop to buy memory sticks”), Jupp's return to the 'eloquent bumbling' he honed in his earlier Edinburgh Fringe shows is a welcome one.

In a rather looser second half the Rev star is keen to remind us that the whiff of snobbery and Empire that might linger around him is belied by his political leanings. Certainly as a PPB for himself this show sees him in highly electable form.

Tours until: April 2