Review: David Brent and Foregone Conclusion, Bloomsbury Theatre, London


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What is it? Ricky Gervais’ comic creation, boss of The Office, returns in dodgy rock-god form with a live band. This was a work-in-progress show, but an instant sell-out despite that.

The Independent says: “What makes Brent’s musical pretensions so hilarious is the awkward intimacy of one man and a guitar singing in a workplace seminar or to a webcam and believing that he could be at Wembley. If you put him on a stage with dry ice, lights and a real rock band, somewhere like Wembley, part of the joke dies. Still, [no one can] bring on a full-body cringe like Brent. It’s good, if uncomfortable, to have him back.”

They say: Evening Standard: “Brent’s melodies made you want to tap your toes while the cliché-crammed lyrics made you want to clench your buttocks … I’m not sure how much further the joke could be stretched. Knowing Ricky Gervais though, all the way to the O2 Arena.”

Chortle: “It’s no vicious parody; the humour is in Brent’s misguided sense that he’s a musical genius and putative rock god. Though when he gets 500 people … giving him a standing ovation [the] delusion is eroded.”

You say: @Ealam: “It’s the Brentmeister General live, Genius”

@stu_mather_: “Just saw that David Brent show … Was alright.”

@AlexParvin: “you rocked my slough davidbrent”