Stand-up review: Russell Brand (Symphony hall, Birmingham)


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What is it? The comedian/actor/presenter/writer/troublemaker returns to the stage for his Messiah Complex stand-up tour.

The Independent says: “With his own messianic status (foisted upon him or self-perpetuated) never far away, Brand [builds] an understanding of why we have filled godless lives with consumerism and celebrity … ‘of course I am aware of the hypocrisy’ swoons an Isadora Duncan-like Brand – all scarf, beads and half arabesques – admitting he isn’t complaining about being stuck in a ‘tumble dryer of tits and money’, but that he was worried about ‘the cultural consequences’ of celebrity.”

They say: The Express: “He conjured up 81 F-bombs, half a dozen C-words and called David Cameron some nasty names … apart from reciting some anti-capitalist, conspiracy theorist hogwash that he had memorised from [the] Socialist Worker, that was about it. It was hardly innovative, daring or brave.”

Birmingham Mail: “Brand is no stranger to controversy and he was pushing the boundaries again last night … but with a very grown-up discussion aimed at challenging his audience.”

You say: @ju5tinburt0n: “My jaw still aches ... from laughing, it was definitely from laughing!”

Details: On tour until 6 April;