Tom Wrigglesworth, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

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Lanky Yorkshireman Tom Wrigglesworth sets the mellow pace for his show, I'm Struggling to See How That's Helping, the minute that his audience walks through the door. Sat on a stool, strumming a guitar, the comic issues gentle asides like: "Look at that bloke – he's just bounded up three stairs at once. Unheard of."

Charming and likeable, Wrigglesworth is perhaps at times too understated and muted. With some routines this is understandable; for example, a one-dimensional account of how he was annoyed by a misleading clock at a station that turned out to be painted. Still on the rail theme, there's also a lame gag about how he didn't pay his fare because the service was so good he didn't feel they needed any more encouragement.

Desperate though that may sound, the comic, who has a touch of Daniel Kitson about him in his demeanour, stays on track with more insightful gags, such as the endearing routine about how his father accidentally prints off the entire content of the internet and suddenly becomes responsible for all of its services.

Elsewhere, the observation that Boots' shops would be better laid out in an anatomically correct order (ie eye products near the windows) further illustrates that Wrigglesworth has got more than an average sense of the everyday.

To 25 August, except 12 (0131-556 6550)