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BY BEATING the French on Saturday, Scotland forged a victory in the style in which they have played all season - open, attractive, fast and entertaining rugby. Too often we expect the least and revel in honourable defeat. However, we must try to live with the fact that we have a team worthy of respect and praise, whose performances have engrossed and uplifted the nation. They are worthy champions because of the manner of their play. They may have finished on the same points as England, but there is a chasm between the sides when it comes to scoring tries. If there were any justice in the sporting world, Scotland would be the winners of the Grand Slam, but it was not to be. Nevertheless, the championship represents a remarkable turnaround in Scottish rugby. We have earned the right to say: we are a quality side. We are not ashamed to proclaim it; our abilities do not frighten us. We're good. And we know we are.

The Scotsman

GIVEN WE had a different team from last year, and some overtired players, our entire team collapsed.The marvellous wins of last season were just a faint memory and we still hadn't scored by half time. Wales and Scotland, last year severely punished by our team, obtained their revenge this time round. But what caused this metamorphosis? Perhaps it's this creatine they all seem to be taking. More probably it is the fact that they are importing foreign players - Wales now boasts a former All Black, and the Scottish have adopted three New Zealanders for themselves.

Le Figaro, France

AS THE decider between Wales and England in the Five Nations went to the wire, and favourites England won a crucial scrum, Bill McLaren, the Voice of Rugby told millions of viewers: "It's Scotland's put-in." Our Bravehearts weren't even there but, minutes later, the whole nation rejoiced to a famous Scottish triumph. The Welsh win means we will be the last nation engraved on the Five Nations trophy - next year, with Italy joining, it will be known as the Six Nations.

Daily Record, Scotland