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All the News of the World The Indian press comments on the fall of the government in New Delhi
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THE GOVERNMENT which has been voted out was no advertisement for good governance. But the replacement which may be constituted now, it can be comfortably predicted, will be worse. What will distinguish the alternative is that, even by current standards of politics, it will have been born with unconscionable lapses from very basic principles. Surely we deserve a more credible list of prime ministerial candidates than this. Come the next general elections, which cannot be far away, the Congress will be held responsible for voter fatigue. That is fair. In fact, the only thing likely to be fair about future politics as visible now.

The Statesman

THE EARLIER this Lok Sabha [lower house of parliament] is dissolved and elections are scheduled, the better it would be from the standpoint of the country's overall interests and those of the people. Today, it is a struggle between the spirit of our Constitution and the craftiness of politicians out to exploit it for selfish gains.

Times of India

THE GOVERNMENT'S fall is unfortunate only if one is sentimental about the BJP. Which you shouldn't be if you believe that political parties are instruments for carrying out popular agendas. If one has been disabled from doing so in the hurly-burly of politics, another will. So long as there are popular agendas, political instruments will seek to implement them. That's the plus of the Indian democracy.

The Economic Times

WHATEVER THE political chasm between them, the Congress and the BJP have a lot in common on questions relating to the economy. Both parties have a big stake in ensuring that what is economically beneficial for the nation should not be sacrificed at the altar of politics. Political consensus is impossible in today's contentious politics. Economic consensus is not subject to divisive politics based on caste and communal differences. The Congress assurance on the budget is a good augury for the nation and a confidence-building measure.

Hindustan Times