Comment: My Week

Arkadius Weremczuk, Fashion Designer
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I get up amazingly early for my graduation show. I deliver shoes and accessories in Shoreditch and then head back to St Martin's College of Art. My collection is inspired by the sea and my main outfit contains a Perspex corset-aquarium with fish in it. But my tutors banned me from using it, without giving a reason, which was quite upsetting.

I decide to use it anyway but I use lilies instead of fish. I have to smuggle it into the venue using a special bag. It's quite an exciting feeling to be going against college "law".

The show itself is very dramatic and gets a fantastic response. People start applauding when the models throw lilies into the audience. I'm so excited - it's a feeling I can't describe.


I have a meeting at 6pm with Ebel, the Swiss watchmakers, to discuss the announcement of our artistic collaboration at Harrods on Friday. Earlier, at 2pm, I have another meeting, this one with Browns to discuss my window display, which starts on . It's the same window that Galliano had - I'm very privileged.

I have to complete my portfolio for my final display at college. It ends up taking most of the day. A couple of the tutors at college tell me how fantastic my show was. The ones who forbade me to use the corset don't speak or even look at me.


Wake up at 5am having had three hours' sleep, to go on The Big Breakfast. I show the dress that I have designed to go with Ebel's new E-type watch, but I'm feeling half dead. It's cool and quite exciting, but I wouldn't want to do this every day.


There are lots of telephone calls to deal with. In the afternoon I go to a private view at a gallery in Belgravia. I spend the evening preparing my speech for the party at Harrods tomorrow.


I arrive at Harrods at 7am to prepare for my mini fashion show. My speech goes down well. I am delighted to have been chosen by Ebel as their artistic attache. I am pleased to be escaping from the sewing machine and doing something a bit more challenging instead.

I have lunch with some reporters and have an interview at 3pm with Drapers' Record. This is very important - it's the bible of the fashion world.